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Virtual & Remote Development


Our  flexible  hiring  models  will  give you the ability    to    directly   communicate   with  your  dedicated developers,     assign     work,    and    monitor  the overall progress.         

We  help  you  quickly  ramp  up  your Virtual team,  launching  your product or gaining onsite support to meet  your  organizational  and  business  objectives.

Our Track Record

  • With all the technical certifications you would expect from an enterprise-level firm, we are most proud of our status as a “Great Place To Work”, high performance, low attrition, highly professional culture.

  • With advanced infrastructural conveniences ,offshore located in a Tech Park Chennai, your team members will work from one of the best development facilities.

  • Package One provides world class  services while understanding the sensibilities and localisation requirements of various markets and geographies respectively.

  • Administrative Workflow Assistance.

Agility & Flexibility

  • We offer budget-friendly, flexible engagement  models  (On-shore, Remote and Hybrid options)  that adjust to your short term/long term needs.

  • We call this the “YOUR TEAM YOUR TERMS” model.

  • The resources work in your time zone and your IT environment.

  • We can ramp up a Remote Team in less than a week with no setup fee.

Process & Contracts

  • Each client engagement carries a complete contract; MSA & MNDA as applicable, with IP protection.

  • Our  development & testing   processes  are  built on strong Agile methodologies  &  complete  visibility by utilizing the best of tools .

  • Shorter trial engagements  and  availability of resources to overlap other Time Zones have been one of our current strengths.

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